Among the services on offer at Whitehouse & Partners is access to dentists who work in Endodontics, known as an Endodontists. Endodontics is the process of maintaining teeth using special treatments, often called endodontic therapies. The processes involve working with the soft inner tissue of the teeth, known as the pulp

The process

During endodontic therapy, a latex sheet known as a ‘rubber dam’ is used to isolate the tooth, keeping it clean and dry during the treatment. There are three or four basics steps used depending on the nature of the problem and sometimes, only two appointments are needed. The therapy will start with studying the degree of infection or inflammation to the pulp before establishing what needs to be done to deal with it.

Endodontic therapies have generally a high success rate, with some 90% of patients having their issue solved by the processes. But they may not be for everyone so we will always discuss the options with you before recommending a treatment. Very occasionally, a treatment may not work or a problem may reoccur at a later date, in which case a follow up procedure may be needed.

Traumatic injuries

One of the primary uses for Endodontics is to treat traumatic injuries caused by a blow to the mouth. This applies to both adults and children with younger patients sometimes experiencing the stopping of tooth growth due to an injury. Endodontics can also help with teeth that have knocked from their sockets.

Cracked and fractured teeth can be difficult to find and these processes are also used to isolate these problems. Such situations can lead to additional pain along the head, neck or ear but an Endodontist can work to isolate the problem and find a solution, removing the source of the pain and the pain with it.


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