Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures carried out by dentists in Kidderminster and around the country. There are a number of signs that can indicate a filling is needed and most of them require a dentist to inspect your teeth. Here at Whitehouse & Partners, we offer dental fillings for all age groups.

Check to see if a filling is required

We use a number of different techniques to see if a filling is required. The most common is simply observation – we use tools such as a metal instrument with a sharp tip to probe for decay. Healthy teeth resist the touch but decayed teeth give a little but it is a delicate job so should only ever be done by a dentist or dental nurse.

To find more difficult spots that may need filling, other techniques include X-rays, there the head is x-rayed and any decay shows up as well as cavity detecting dyes. These are rinsed over a tooth and stick to areas with decay.

Decay isn’t the only reason you might need a filling. Cracked or broken teeth can sometimes be filled, depending on the amount of damage.   Worn teeth can also require filling so if you grind your teeth, use your teeth to open things or bite your nails, the damage caused could require dental fillings to fix.

Having a filling

There are various steps taken to remove the decay from a tooth and clear the area. Once this is done, then the filling can be added to repair the tooth. Different kinds of dental fillings are used depending on the tooth in question, for example, a liner may be used if there is a nerve on show to help prevent toothache.

After the filling is done, you may notice it is a little sensitive for a while. Hot or cold, sweet foods and even pressure can cause a little discomfort but this is normal and will pass. If local anaesthetic was used during the filling, the numbness may last for a few hours after the procedure.


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